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For the Design & Manufacture of Precision Pneumatic Gages

Request a Quote From Douglas Gage

When requesting a quote from Douglas Gage, you may fax the request and prints (586) 727-8239, or you may e-mail the request and prints.  When requesting a quote, please be sure to include the following information:

  Contact Information
  Item Description
  Item Quantity
  Date Item Is Needed

Where applicable, please remember to also include the following information:

  Similar Jobs Done by Douglas Gage
  Prints of Tool and Parts

While your item will usually be quoted the same day, please allow up to three days for the quoting process. If time is of the essence, please mark the e-mail or fax as urgent and call us to let us know it is coming.  (586) 727-2089.

Clicking the link below will open an external e-mail editor for you to send the RFQ and prints with.

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