Douglas Gage, Inc.

69681 Lowe Plank Rd.

Richmond, MI 48062

Phone: (586) 727-2089

Fax: (586) 727-8239

For the Design & Manufacture of Precision Pneumatic Gages

Douglas Gage Offers The Following Products

  Air Spindles
  Pneumatic Gaging
  Air Snaps
  Air Probes
  Plug Gages
  Air Ring Gages
  Part-Like Masters
  Inspection Gaging Systems
  AGD Master Rings
  Spindle Repair Kits
  Specialized Misc. Precision Parts

Services Offered By Douglas Gage, Inc.

  Design of all of the above products. (Design can be purchased as “Design Only” or as part of a Design and Build Package.)
  Lap, Calibrate, and/or Certify Masters (up to “XXX” tolerance)
  Gage Repair or Rebuild of Gages  (Douglas Gage Brand Gages as well as other brands)

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