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Air Gage Theory Continued...

Generally, every gage will need a master to set/calibrate the gaging member and the air gage readout. This ensures dimensional data is both precise and quanitative. Masters are generally plugs, discs, rings, or set probes.  Master plugs and discs are used to calibrate air rings, snap gages, and other external measurement instruments. Master rings and set probes are used to calibrate spindles, air probes, and other internal measurement instruments. By simplest definition, a master is used to dictate how much back-pressure indicates the internal or external measurement is closest to “the perfect dimension”.

An air gage is designed to check a specific dimension of a part/workpiece. Because the gages are made for several different parts in many different industries, the gages themselves will be unique.  The size, shape, number of nozzles, and column fittings will vary from gage to gage. Their style will be dictated by their intended use.

Please feel free to request a quote on gage build and/or design from Douglas Gage, Incorporated.

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Gage Theory Cont'd