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For the Design & Manufacture of Precision Pneumatic Gages

Air Gage Compatibility

Several air gage/pneumatic gage manufacturers are no longer in business. This poses a problem for the long time customer looking to repair or replace a gage.  Douglas Gage, Inc. can modify, repair, or build new gages and systems as needed which were originally manufactured by the following companies:

  Sheffield / Bendix
  Summit Gage

Douglas Gage, Inc. does not manufacture columns for our air gages. Our gages will however, work with any column manufactured by on of the companies above in addition to columns put out by the following companies which are still in operation:

  Marposs Corporation
  Federal / Mahr
  Valenite Gaging Systems
  Air Gage Company
  Giddings & Lewis

Our products will work hand-in-hand with the pneumatic/air gaging system you currently have in place. Our spindles, masters, rings, snap gages, probes, and fixture gages will work with any of the following original manufacturer’s systems in addition to all of the manufacturers listed above:

  Sterling Manufacturing & Engineering
  Jus-Rite Engineering
  Intra Corporation
  Detroit Precision Tool Company
  Birdsall Tool
  Hanlo Gages

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