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Introduction to Air Gage Theory

Air gage theory is based on the principle that when a stream of air is passed through a small opening and “hits” another object, there will be a specific amount of back-pressure.  This back pressure is a highly accurate measuring tool when used with an air comparator (air gage readout).  The amount of back-pressure indicates the part size to the air comparator.

Air gage instruments have been designed, in their most widely used applications, to obtain highly accurate quantitative measurements of internal and external diameters of parts or workpieces.  Air spindles and probes are gages that are inserted into a workpiece to obtain the internal diameter of a part. Air rings and air snap gages fit over the outside of a part, thereby giving an external measurement of diameter.  The gage application generally indicates whether it will be a hand-held item or set up as part of an overall, stationary work station.

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Air Gage Theory