Douglas Gage, Inc.

69681 Lowe Plank Rd.

Richmond, MI 48062

Phone: (586) 727-2089

Fax: (586) 727-8239

For the Design & Manufacture of Precision Pneumatic Gages

Samples of Items Manufactured by Douglas Gage, Inc.

Long before we were ISO Certified, we at Douglas Gage believed that product quality and customer satisfaction should be our first priority. Every job is followed from start to finish to ensure compliance and quality.  Douglas Gage audits suppliers every month to ensure that the quality of their service, product, and delivery meet our standards. Outsourcing is limited as many of the required functions can be performed in-house, allowing for less error due to outside/unknown factors.

We stand by our products and our customer service. It isnít uncommon for Mr. Loria, the President of Douglas Gage, to answer the questions of other air gage suppliers or to go to a facility to help set up equipment for our gages.   

Our services include designing, building, and repairing air gages (snaps, spindles, probes, etc.) and masters. We also are available to lap, certify, and calibrate masters, as well as engraving gages and/or masters.

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Air Spindles & Air Probes

Air Snaps and Air Rings

Part-Like Masters & Rings

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ISO 9001:2000 Certified

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