Douglas Gage, Inc.

69681 Lowe Plank Rd.

Richmond, MI 48062

Phone: (586) 727-2089

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For the Design & Manufacture of Precision Pneumatic Gages

About Douglas Gage

Douglas Gage designs and manufactures precision pneumatic gaging... air spindles and probes, air rings and air snaps, and specialized part-like masters.  Our products are manufactured in a climate/humidity controlled shop.  Our masters are inspected in our own lab with tolerances held to the sub-micron level.  We are proud to own the latest equipment with capabilities of manufacturing “XXX” tolerance AGD Master rings traceable to the highest standards set forth by the NIST.

Based near Detroit, Michigan, with representatives throughout the Midwest, Douglas Gage has been providing high quality, precision pneumatic gages and components to our customers since 1979.  They have come to expect quality, dependability, and accuracy in our gages, and courtesy, honesty, and fairness from our organization.

All of our products are inspected and certified in our temperature controlled inspection lab.

We welcome you to tour our facility at your convenience.

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ISO 9001:2000 Certified

About Douglas Gage